Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Day in The Life of Love Las Muertas

I have so many people ask me how I make my resin jewelry. It's a long tedious process, but I'm always so happy with the end result. So I documented my last totally sweet jewelry sesh. Sometimes it takes a couple days to get through the whole process, so here it goes!

Day 1
I stayed up late pouring resin tonight and totally forgot to write a speech for tomorrow! I'll bullshit my way through it... So when I pour resin, I have a table full of molds out and I mix up way more resin than what is recommended, but I'm impatient and I only like to do one pouring a night. And Gucche and I got my living room ready to rock some jewelry the next night.

Day 2
I pulled the resin and am ready to start sanding and drilling all the pieces. The Guadalupe looks over me while I inhale resin dust. Well, I try and make it a point to wear my gas mask for everything now. My lungs were starting to hurt and I thought maybe I should try not to get cancer for something as stupid as pouring resin in a mold.

Apparently gas masks make me look like a junkie that just rolled out of bed.
Day 2- 10pm
The dremeling is finally done and I'm ready to drill holes in everything. But first I take a break to make peanut butter cookies. And yes, they were yummy. And yes I wear only an apron and kitten heels when I bake.

Day 3-5
After a long long long night of drilling, dremeling and baking, I'm fucking exhausted. But the show must go on! My pieces are ready to go and I need to make some jewelry. I usually spread them all out on my floor and go from there. I don't have a work space, so I'm stuck on my living room floor with Gucche at my side. Gucche also decides what pieces to use by sitting on them apparently. I spend days on this stage. Whenever I get bored, I do some homework or meet some friends out for drinks. I was going crazy so I went to Double Daughters with my BFF Roja.

Day 6
At this point, I'm ready to poke my eyes out with one of my resin pieces, so I start to wrap it up and take more breaks. I went to the park to read my new book Dear Diary. I fed the ducks some popcorn I brought and generally creeped out the old people by being the weirdo on the bench. Fabulous.

This is my Stingray. Isn't it super cute? And it's got my nickname pinstriped on the side...
The best thing to do on an Easy Sunday morning is have coffee, read a good book about sex, drugs and debauchery (Dear Diary), watching the ducks and sitting in the sun.

This is some graffiti I saw by the coffee shop I thought was brilliant.

Day 6 - 4-8pmLink
I get to do inventory & tag everything! Then I shoot each piece for the website and wrap them up to take to the shops in town. Then comes my favorite part: I get to pick out pieces for myself! I fell in love with the Praying Jesus Hands so I took a pair for myself.

Day 6 Midnight
After getting home from dinner with Loca Roja and Daryl, I made her take some quick pics. Of course it turned into a ridiculous night of ridiculousness, but we got a few good pics.

Day 7

I'm almost done! Now I take all my new stuff to my shops I sell at, upload them on the website and do a little more homework in between. What happens now? I do it all over again in 10 days.
I bought some new molds so I always get excited to use them. Next week is 1. bunnies with bowties and top hats, 2. mini Jesus hands, 3. little cupcakes, 4. Hello Kitty

I desperately need a little jewelry gnome that comes in during the night and dremels for me, and if Gucche spent more time drilling than sleeping I'd be able to have a social life again. But nothing makes me happier than to see YOU wearing one of my makes a tear come to my eye!