Friday, July 18, 2008

"Do The Zombie!"

Randi Kittens will be go-go dancin' her way to b-movie madness with her new "Do The Zombie" act, which will debut at the Burlesque As It Was 10th Anniversary Show!

The fabulous beauty behind BAIW is Vivienne VaVoom, who does one of the most amazing fan dances I've ever seen. She graciously taught me how to get on stage and shake my cupcakes in one of her famous Burlesque Classes, which you can learn about on her website, Burlesque As It

And this chica didn't stop at creating Denver's most well-known troupes, she also wrote a book! Check it out on Amazon: Burlesque and the New Bump-n-Grind

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Guess The 1950's Aren't So Sexist After All...

Let's talk about something of great importance.

This show is absolutely BRILLIANT. The writing, cinematography, plot lines, casting, and of course, clothing & furniture is what makes this show so brilliant. Sometimes "vintage" shows will accidentally, or carelessly, will forget to remove items from the present era...But Mad Men...absolute perfection in every way. Hats off to their art director!

The clothing is impeccable. While my closet is filled to the brim with vintage treasures, I feel jealous when I watch this show. But it gives me new ideas for my upcoming clothing line, & of course, new outfits and hairstyles for myself.

But I also wanted to talk about a disturbing thing that happened today. As I sat in my Propaganda class, spouting off about Ann Coulter, I noticed something weird.

Kitty-corner from me was a creeper secretly taking a photo of me with his phone!! While he "listened to the teacher", I watched him messing around with his camera, finally pointing it in my direction.

I thought he was just screwing around with his phone until I saw him push the button several times, then looking through the photos! And with my little telephoto eyes, my premonitions were confirmed. I could see my blonde bob and bright white tank top on his screen.

As a man twice my age stared at my tits on the train ride home, I obsessed over the situation. Was it something I did? Was it because I was blatantly anti-McCain? Or praised Al Franken?

Maybe it was my clothing? A white tank with a peek of a leopard bra, high-waisted vintage jeans and gladiator sandals had somehow made him want to invade my privacy? I mean, what the fuck is he going to do with those photos? Who does something like that? I just don't understand!

These last few months have been filled with harassment from a variety of men...I'm starting to think men over 40 feel entitled to younger women, or feel like they can get away with sexist or degrading remarks. Oh wait..that guy in class was in his 20's, and a variety of creepy remarks come from 18-50yr old men (what, no women?).

I love the 1960's. I wish I had lived in the mid-century era. But would I want to be a woman in such a sexist era? Well, obviously I STILL AM LIVING IN A SEXIST ERA!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Who Doesn't Love Cats That Wear PJs? I Made my Gucche Cowboy PJs w/ Footsies.

Yay! One of my absolute favorite blogs to read, 'The Cat's Pajamas', did a mini-write-up about yours truly! Miss Rossy Kay, Denver's favorite fashionista critiquing blogger writes an adorable/bitchy blog for Denver's Westword newspaper.

Check out Cat's Pajamas and read a bit about me, and remember to bookmark don't want to miss her hilarious commentary on fashion, life, Denver, and whoever else she feels like talking shit/praising.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First Love Contest #5: Vintage Sparrow & Cathedral Bead Necklace & a Hello Kitty Fun Pack

Congrats Miss Mary, Quite Contrary! Check out her 'Now Entering Momville' blog, which is absolutely hilarious. Love the 'Hitler' reference!

The Lil' Lion with the Red Ruby Eyes

When I was in grade school, I was only interested in riding my tricked out bike. But unfortunately there was a boy interested in me...and his name was Clayton. He saw through my tomboyish ways and gave me a gift one day, to which I said thanks and ran to the bathroom to open it.

Clayton had bought me a little gold lion pendant with sparkling ruby eyes (I lost the rubies over the years). It was lovely...but something stirred inside of me. It was then that I realized that I'm not girlfriend material.

Like Samantha Jones famously said...
"I love you, but I love myself more." And there you have it...Clayton set me up for the 'single city girl who loves fashion more than men' lifestyle.

Tell me about your first (or most meaningful) piece of jewelry. Maybe it was a dime store ring your first love gave you? Or a diamond necklace from your great-grandmother? Or maybe it was a Candy Necklace from your raver days (don't lie, we know you were poppin' and lockin')?

Win this Sparrow & Vintage Cathedral Bead Necklace and Hello Kitty Fun Pack! (Value $58)
This one-of-a-kind Sparrow & Vintage Cathedral Bead Necklace brings my two favorite things together: vintage glass beads & tattoo flash sparrows! In the 1950's, this style of Sparrow was an integral part of tattoo flash.
And this lil' one hangs from vintage deadstock (never used) Cathedral beads. I've sold more of these necklaces than any other
sparrow styles.

PLUS you will also win this Hello Kitty Fun pack that includes stickers, Cinnamon Roll Plush, giant Japanese Hello Kitty button, Paul Frank pins & Charmmy Kitty bag.


1. You must sign up at for the newsletter. Don't worry, I would NEVER spam you! (

2. Post a comment here.
Tell me about your most meaningful or 1st piece of jewelry, along with your first name so I can identify you if you win. Remember to be CREATIVE!

3. Good luck!! Winner announced around June 19th.

PS Please read the directions. You won't be chosen if you don't follow these 3 rules. And you especially won't be chosen if you don't sign-up for the newsletter, leave your first name in the comment, or write, 'pick me! pretty jewelry!', because it's obvious you didn't bother to read these rules. ;)Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kitten Whiskers Contest No. 4: WINNER ANNOUNCED!

And here is a little bit about the lucky winner:
Favorite animal: Horse

Favorite hobby: Poetry
Work Hard or Play hard?: I'll say play hard
Profession?: Homemaker
Congrats Shilo!

How Do I Describe Myself?

Cute as a Kitten's whisker and
Feisty as Pop Rocks & Soda!

How do you describe yourself? As sweet as a baby bunny? As sour as a toad? Maybe even as happy as a clam? Or even as sparkley as a diamond! Or maybe you are as soft and sweet as a little kitten's whisker as well?

Think about how you would describe yourself to win this Swarovski Crystal Cherry Necklace.

This one-of-a-kind Swarovski Crystal Cherry Necklace is classic and simple, with sparkley pink cherries dangling from a silver chain. This is no store-bought cherry; it's handmade from a vintage leaf, wire, and crystals, intricately shaped into perfect lil' cherries! (Value $18)


1. You must sign up at for the newsletter. Don't worry, I would NEVER spam you!

2. Post a comment here. Tell me a few interesting phrases to describe yourself, along with your first name so I can identify you if you win. Remember to be CREATIVE!

3. Good luck!! Winner announced around May 15th.

PS Please read the directions. You won't be chosen if you don't follow these 3 rules. And you especially won't be chosen if you don't sign-up for the newsletter, leave your first name in the comment, or write, 'pick me! pretty jewelry!', because it's obvious you didn't bother to read these rules. ;)Good Luck!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What I've Learned About Myself in the Few Days

Reformed cougar?
I think not. No, I'm not old enough to be a cougar, but nonetheless I'm perpetually single for a reason. After the last few single years of what I consider 'dating like a man', I thought maybe I'd give it up.

Remember that Sex in the City episode where Carrie decides to 'date like a man'? She eventually finds out that it can be pretty lonely. But Samantha...she is the epitome of cougar-dom, and VERY happy with her life.

ANYWAY, I felt like, why not give one of them a chance? Let's go on a date! Yea....well I remembered why I am perpetually single after a few dates. So let's recap some of the obvious problems. Maybe reading this will keep YOU from making these mistakes.

1. COMPLIMENT YOUR DATE. This is #1 for a reason. She spent an hour, maybe 2, getting ready. She looks fabulous. And you don't say even the ol' run of the mill "you look nice tonight"?

2. DO NOT TALK DOWN TO HER. She knows what she is doing. She is successful. She is fabulous. She has goals, and is working towards them without a man, so why does she need a lecture on how to reach them?

3. DO NOT TURN INTO A CREEPER. Lay off the aggressive behavior. If she wants to give you a nice kiss at the end, than leave it at that. Even if she doesn't, leave it at that. Getting pushy means you will NEVER get another date, and possibly will get a restraining order.

4. BRING FLOWERS, BRING WINE, BRING A DAMN LOLLIPOP...JUST BRING SOMETHING! It's easy to pick up some flowers. Seriously. But I'd rather receive something interesting...put a little thought into it. I bring something for my's just common sense.

5. HAVE A CAR. Or borrow one, or steal one for all I care. No bicycles or crotch rockets.

6. AND LASTLY, DON'T PULL THE 'I'D LOVE TO SEE YOUR APARTMENT', OR 'I'D LOVE TO MEET YOUR CATS' LINE AT THE END OF THE DATE. It sounds so stupid, and puts the girl in a very awkward position. How can she say no when you've already parked the car with the assumption that you ARE going upstairs for the night. And seriously, just don't assume anything.

Did I miss anything? Well, nobody wants to teach their date how to be respectful. I'd just rather get out of there...good riddance! So my conclusion is that in this day and age of waning respect, just take cues from the olden days where you BOTH learn to be chivalrous and polite.

As for me? I'm back to my old self again until someone sweeps me off my feet. I miss the days of little presents left in my door, weird dates and interesting conversations. Oh yea, and a fabulous dresser, stylish hair, and is self-supported. ;)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Winner Posted: Double the Fun! Win 2 prizes for your bad lil' self. Contest #3

Yay for Lisa G. from Missouri! She won Contest #3!

Hear No Evil & Speak No Evil! (But see all the evil you want.)

You will hear no evil with Love Las Muertas 'Crystal Cherry Earrings' on your ears & speak no evil with IM Pure Lip Balm on your lips! But don't worry, you can still see some evil. What fun would life be without some debauchery?

Glass Crystal Cherry Earrings

"Big sparkley glass beads and silver leaves create these luminous Crystal Cherry Earrings. I love the idea of actually 'creating' the cherries, instead of using cherry charms straight out of a package."

"After making a pair for myself, people continually compliment me on their uniqueness and the beautiful way the light catches them, creating a luminous glow. Something you will never find with charms!" ($24 value)

Tea Tree Oil/Eucalyptus 100% Natural Lip Balm
"Tea tree is a miracle healing ingredient! It is a natural antiseptic , antibacterial and germicide that has been used to treat a variety of skin problems for centuries. This in combination with the soothing lipbalm base ingredients of jojoba oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, and vitamin E, was my first chapped lip cure!"
($4 value)

1. You must sign up at for the newsletter. Don't worry, I would NEVER spam you!

2. Post a comment here. Tell me what your favorite piece of jewelry is on Love Las, along with your first name so I can identify you if you win.

3. Good luck!! Winner announced around April 15th.

(Irena and I, two fabulous
independent female business
owners, rockin' the photobooth!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Contest #2: Styx 'n You! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Lesha from Fashion Fling! Even though she doesn't know who Styx is, her comment was cute.

Welcome to the bi-monthly
Love Las Muertas contest! I will pick a lucky winner, contact him/her, and post their name here. New contests are posted around the 1st and 16th.
**PLEASE READ THE STEPS! If you don't follow them, you won't win!!!!

1. Sign up at for the newsletter. Don't worry, I'm not spammy!

2. Your comment topic: Write about what the band Styx means to you, plus your first name. **Without your first name, I can't find your address! That means no prize for you!!!**

I'm in the mood for Styx. You know what I'm talkin' about...COME SAIL AWAY! Now keep in mind, I hate Styx. I once dated this guy that wore a Styx tank top around....I can't believe I was seen in public with him! He was this tall drink of water, a real hot indie guy, muttonchops and all, but that shirt had to go. BUT ANYWAY, there are only 2 good things about Styx.

1. The Virgin Suicides.

2. These adorable 'Come Sail Away' Anchor in Hoops Earrings that I'm giving away! (Value $16)
**Ok still half the people commenting aren't adding their first name! You won't win if you don't put your first name on the comment!!!!!!!!

Good Luckers!

Ok I know I've said this 3 times, but please please put your first name in the comment! Already half the comments don't have a 1st name, so I can't find your address on my website! Unless your blog name IS your real name of course.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's Oregano, I Swear!

Hey You! I got 3 things to tell you!

1. So I'm in the middle of working on my toy for the Plastic Chapel 'Custom Toy' Show, and it's a lot of serious sculpting, painting, and toy-making. I absolutely LOVE creating toys, it's always been one of my passions.

I made a 'Panty Rain' Munny for a custom Munny show 2 years ago, and I can't tell you how good it felt to create a toy that has it's own little peep show.

His accessories included: thick glasses, briefcase full of little girl's undies, cell phone, combover, and a tie that slid over to reveal a girl in her undies through a light-up peephole in his chest.

My new toy is a throwback to the 1930's classic toys. So simple and extremely, utterly, sickly, sweetly cute.
I love the idea of no electrical components, no computers, no nothing, just simple mechanics and gravity doing their work. Anyway, if you are in Denver, come on down!

2. So the Gucche got really really really high tonight. Well, ok, I don't know what else to call it! After tea and crumpets, I got out the Cosmic Catnip and rationed some out for the little guys. But The Gucch was so insistant on taking the whole tub for himself.

Debauchery ensued, and my entire 2-bedroom house is covered in catnip and a bunch of pink pipe cleaner squiggly things that they threw around all night. Them kitties is CRAZY!

After that, Gucche ate a whole tub of Chunky Monkey ice cream.

3. I am also excited to show off my hot writing skillz for an e-zine I write for called, 'Cut Out + Keep'. The website is pure genius; a step-by-step craft community where people can post projects! It's like one big giant posting party!
So check out my tutorial about making Burlesque Pasties. I LOVE making pasties. Sometimes when I'm stressed I go to my pastie room and decompress by putting a bag of sequins to serious work.

And my whole contest thing is going great. I'm so excited to give someone some free gemz to get all glamz with, just for leaving fun comments. Good Job readers!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Ever LLM Jewelry CONTEST! (Winner has been posted!)

CONTEST WINNER: Sammantha De La Rosa aka STORM

I'm excited to announce the new bi-monthly Love Las Muertas contest! I will pick one winner & contact him/her with the prize info, and post their name here. Two new contests will be posted each month around the 1st and 15th.
**If you don't complete both steps, you won't be eligible to win!

1. Sign up at for the newsletter. You must enter your name, address & email. If you don't sign up, I won't know where to send your prize. Don't worry, I'm not spammy! I hate over-emailers!

2. Leave a comment in this blog, and make it fun/funny/funners!

I'm very excited for the 1st contest! Good luck, and think of something really imaginative to comment. The more interesting, the better! This contest will end on the 29th of Feb.

Pink Gem Drop Earrings
Big pink gems hang from vintage chains ($18 value)

B-I-N-G-O! Love Las Muertas sponsors bingo night at Sputnik.

Last night was Love Las Muertas Bingo at the Sputnik. I LOVE Bingo, by the way. As you can see, by my little pictorial. I dressed in my favorite 1960's polka-dot mod dress, some Love Las Muertas Hello Kitty earrings and patent red heels, and brought a whole bag full of trinkets for good luck.

Some of my trinkets included a walking (and sparking) Creature From the Black Lagoon, & a miniature unicorn I found in a box of childhood stuff. My bff Irena enjoyed playing with them more than playing bingo.

Sweet Potato Fries from Sputnik are so damn good I could eat them every single night. But then I'd get all 'Super Size Me' and have to go on a diet/go to therapy/go on cholesterol medication.

So my table of trinkets included 1 Guadalupe prayer candle, 1 glow-in-the-dark Virgin Mary statue, 1 miniature unicorn, 1 sparking Creature From the Black Lagoon, 1 porcelain kitten with yarn, and 1 pink Kozik cupcake. My "tickles" Tiger stamper won me the 1st round of bingo! But since I was sponsoring the night, I gave it away to a hot girl in the table next to me.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day of the Dead Owl & My Aching Bones

It's been a while since I've written, but I'm excited to write a little post tonight! I'm excited about all the new jewelry I've made lately. I started noticing that all I ever create now is resin jewelry. So I'm going back to my roots and using a ton of fantastic, fabulous and phenomenal vintage charms & pendants.

This one might be my favorite so far. It includes a beautiful lucite pendant, a little mustard seed encased in a glass ball, a gold leaf, little brass key, rhinestone, a pearl deco pendant, acrylic green leaf and my fave, a PET Milk can! And all of these, including the chain, are 100% VINTAGE!

But I don't want to just talk about jewelry. I always want to give a bit of insight into my life and what gets my creative juices a flowin'. So when I sit down to write an article (my recent is from Cut Out + Keep), I have a couple things that I ALWAYS do.

1. I heat up a cup of Chamomile tea with a drop of organic blackberry honey from Atlanta
2. Get in my favorite ultra-soft Puma pants + Gamma-Go bullet belt hoodie
3. Slide under a light grey Alpaca blanket from Dwell bedding
4. Cuddle up to Gucche (lil' guy on the right) on my 1960's Danish modern sofa.
5. Finally I get out the 'ol lappie and check emails, myspace, blogs,, love las muertas,, and then enter my favorite HGTV 'dream home' contest (i really want a giant beautiful free house that I could fill with beautiful vintage goodies).
6. Time to work, right? Ok I do a little shopping, fuck around on myspace, read more blogs, post on my blogs, post stuff on ebay, and generally waste time.
7. Then I put on a Netflix (my queue is 10 pages long) and get a snack (yogurt + apples, cheddar cheese popcorn, walnuts in the shell, and red peppers w/ cream cheese, but not all at once!!), and I think I'm ready to write.
8. Now I write and let it flow. Then I reread it. Edit. Reread. Edit. Fuck around online. Reread. Add/Remove & edit. Then I go to sleep, wake up and reread.

You can see why I love the creative process. ;)