Sunday, December 16, 2007

X-Mas List '07

My Super-Fab Christmas List '07

I love presents. I mean, I LOVE presents. So I always make myself a list, and with any cash I get from my Christmas cards, I buy them for myself. I can't expect anyone to know the dep
ths of my likes and dislikes, or the ever-expanding list I keep in my mind. So a few things that I love on that I both made for myself AND the website, and other things I think everyone should know about.

Diana Lomography Camera
The Diana Camera is amazing. This 1960's plastic children's camera has been put back into production by Lomo cameras.
I own several of their other camera styles, but this is the 'sister' version of the Holga. It's definitely more sleek, attractive and waaaaayyyy more interesting than the Holga.

Anything on Unica Home
Unica Home is an online boutique filled with items to die for. I get their newsletter, and every week fall in love with another mid-century modern or ultra sleek classic piece of furniture, accessory or gadget. This picture is of the Cappellini Cross Medicine Cabinet.

I also love the 'Carrie' bicycle basket by DHS (pict
ured at the top of the page). What a modern twist on a childhood memory of riding bikes on hot summer nights with trinkets and found items filling up the plastic weaved basket hanging from your stingray.

Glitter Cupcake Necklace
I actually created this hand-poured resin Cupcake Necklace for myself. I love cute ice cream and pastry jewelry, but I always hated how small designers would make them. If you're gonna do cupcakes, then DO cupcakes!
I ended up making several more to sell on my website, and they were such a hit I decided to put the Cupcake Necklace into production.

Night Owl Melamine Plates
Jayne Jenni creates the cutest graphics. Her new plates are so fabulous and adorable. I saw her 'Night Owl' graphic years ago on a pin, which I still wear on my jacket. I did a double-take when I saw this little guy on a plate! She deserved this line of dinnerware...her designs are top-notch. Check out for so many cute lil' items, and a ton of great gift ideas.

Hello Kitty 'Kitoure' Necklace
Starting my jewelry company, Love Las Muertas, is the best thing I ever did. Not only does it give me the chance to add a piece of fabulousness to every girl in this world, but I get to be totally self-serving and make myself a ton of jewelry. But I always feel bad, and end up selling them since my jewelry box is literally OVERFLOWING with jewels.

When I made this Hello Kitty 'Kitoure' Necklace, I was thinking about all of the cheap, crappy-made and boring Hello Kitty necklaces I've seen, and did the complete opposite. So I put together a concoction of vintage, modern and fabulously intricate details to make this truly one-of-a-kind. The reason I'm telling you this, is because I really really love this necklace. And if I could keep another one of my pieces, this would be it.

That's just the tip of the present iceberg.
But it's enough to give you a few new ideas, and to give you a glimpse into how I get my design ideas and where my inspiration comes from. I'd love to see your favorite modern or vintage (or jewelry) items! Message me with your own favorite picks!