Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Guess The 1950's Aren't So Sexist After All...

Let's talk about something of great importance.

This show is absolutely BRILLIANT. The writing, cinematography, plot lines, casting, and of course, clothing & furniture is what makes this show so brilliant. Sometimes "vintage" shows will accidentally, or carelessly, will forget to remove items from the present era...But Mad Men...absolute perfection in every way. Hats off to their art director!

The clothing is impeccable. While my closet is filled to the brim with vintage treasures, I feel jealous when I watch this show. But it gives me new ideas for my upcoming clothing line, & of course, new outfits and hairstyles for myself.

But I also wanted to talk about a disturbing thing that happened today. As I sat in my Propaganda class, spouting off about Ann Coulter, I noticed something weird.

Kitty-corner from me was a creeper secretly taking a photo of me with his phone!! While he "listened to the teacher", I watched him messing around with his camera, finally pointing it in my direction.

I thought he was just screwing around with his phone until I saw him push the button several times, then looking through the photos! And with my little telephoto eyes, my premonitions were confirmed. I could see my blonde bob and bright white tank top on his screen.

As a man twice my age stared at my tits on the train ride home, I obsessed over the situation. Was it something I did? Was it because I was blatantly anti-McCain? Or praised Al Franken?

Maybe it was my clothing? A white tank with a peek of a leopard bra, high-waisted vintage jeans and gladiator sandals had somehow made him want to invade my privacy? I mean, what the fuck is he going to do with those photos? Who does something like that? I just don't understand!

These last few months have been filled with harassment from a variety of men...I'm starting to think men over 40 feel entitled to younger women, or feel like they can get away with sexist or degrading remarks. Oh wait..that guy in class was in his 20's, and a variety of creepy remarks come from 18-50yr old men (what, no women?).

I love the 1960's. I wish I had lived in the mid-century era. But would I want to be a woman in such a sexist era? Well, obviously I STILL AM LIVING IN A SEXIST ERA!


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