Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Glorious Paradigm Shifts in Life & Living

Since I started my blog (and stopped posting in July '08!), I was focused on my jewelry, design, promotions, etc., and have decided to pick up blogging again and do a 180. A lot has happened in the last year: I became ill, moved from Denver to Omaha for a surgery, and have been sorta stuck here for a year. In the next few months I'll be moving to San Clemente, CA and starting a whole new life there.

Things have been tough, but I put my energy into finishing my last few semesters, completely changing my jewelry designs, learning to sew & embroider, and enjoying the giant paradigm shift that happened in my outlook on life.

I decided to move from my website to an Etsy store, which has been the best move I've ever made (except my upcoming one, of course)! Etsy is an amazing community of sellers & buyers dedicated to indie designers and avoiding the giant manufacturers that churn out cheap products. So enjoy my new store, cause I'm enjoying being part of the Etsy community!